How to Choose the Right Jewelry Design

How to Choose the Right Jewelry Design

Women cannot be caught wearing the same silver jewelry over and over. Just like clothes, women love to change accessories depending on her outfit, her mood and occasion where she is heading. How to choose the right jewelry design sounds a little tough for some but it's not!

When accessorizing, there should be balance, don't overdo it or else you'll look like you have too much on. When it comes to the designs, well Overstocksilver has all the designs that you wish. May it be silver flower rings, silver heart necklaces, Designer Inspired sterling silver earrings, everything you need is here. What's nice about sterling silver jewelry is it can go along with anything, you can mix and match or wear it with your vintage accessories there's so much you can do with it. It's a fun and exciting thing to do!

Here are simple fashion tips. If you are wearing a dress with floral prints go for simple accessories and veer away from floral silver jewels because it will make you look like a bouquet. While if you love wearing plain outfits you can wear interesting pieces to add excitement to your look. If you go for bold prints wear sterling silver accessories with subtle look, going for big and chunky pieces can look very confusing and not pleasing in the eyes. Wearing clothes with tiny prints or few prints allow you to layer more silver jewels. It's just a matter of balancing, learn how to balance and you'll achieve a sophisticated look.

Basically, there is no such thing as this is right or this is wrong when it comes to jewelry design. It's how you wear it. Every design here at Overstocksilver is inspired from the latest trends and we do have classics for those who cannot sport a new trend and want to look safe. Most of the designs that we have can be mixed and matched so you won't get bored with our silver jewelry. Just learn how to do it correctly!

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