Designer Inspired Sterling Silver Sevillana Earrings

Tiffany Style Sterling Silver Sevillana Earrings
Item# CE21006
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These earrings are part of our designer inspired range, and they are a beautiful version of stud earrings. Everyone owns at least one pair of studs; they’re such a common and popular style of earring. These sterling silver earrings offer you the simple idea of a stud but with a little twist, that gives it a bit of shape and style. Elliptical shapes are the main feature of these earrings. The little bend/twist that they offer ensures that light will glance off its surfaces and attract attention. With a 14mm dimension these studs are perfectly sized to remain simple but noticeable.

This item is NOT manufactured or licensed by any famous designer. For more information please read our disclaimer.

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Metal: .925 Sterling Silver
Approx. Weight: 5.1 grams
Dimensions: 14mm
Stone: Cubic Zirconia
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