Princess Cut Sapphire CZ 3 Stone Ring

Princess Cut Sapphire CZ 3 Stone Ring
Item# CR13003

If you love the sky, ocean and cerulean hues then youíll fell in love more with princess cut sapphire CZ three stone ring. A ring in sterling silver with gem stones, made from the finest materials to last. Princess cut sapphire CZ three ring stone eases the weathers humidity for itís wonderful hue relaxes and brings coolness to the eyes. Staring at your finger with a princess cut sapphire CZ 3 ring stone is like gazing up in the sky and enjoying the sight of the clouds as it travels along the blue sky. The color of the stone has this calming effect which relaxes and somehow relieves stress. Price wonít bother you, it is cheap but doesnít compromise the quality. Princess cut sapphire CZ 3 stone ring is a must-have for this season. Be ahead of fashion and have a ring thatís to die for.

Product Reviews for Princess Cut Sapphire CZ 3 Stone Ring

Metal: .925 Sterling Silver
Approx. Weight: 4.1 grams, approx. 2.83 carats
Dimensions: width= 1/8 inch band
Stone: Cubic Zirconia
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