Cleaning Sterling Silver

Overstock Silver recommends using the following homemade recipe to clean all of your pure .925 sterling silver jewelry:

*Electrolytic Cleaning Solution

-1/4 cup baking soda
-1/4 cup salt
-1/4 cup liquid dish soup
-1/2 gallon of water
-Large Pot
-Aluminum Foil
-Plastic Spoon
-Stove Top
-Colander or Strainer

Always Work Safely

-Keep kids and pets away from stove top/hot pan.
-DO NOT put porous stones (turquoise), pearls
(cultured, freshwater), or shells (mother of pearl)
into cleaning solution
-Nothing but Sterling Silver can go into the solution,
NO plated materials
-Common Sense- if you question it, just don’t do it!


Take your large pot and line the entire inside with aluminum foil. Combine all ingredients in the pot and stir with your plastic spoon. Place your Sterling Silver pieces on the bottom of the pot spread apart so they are not touching one another. Bring the solution to a low boil then turn stove off, remove the pan from the hot burner and let stand for another couple minutes. Using the colander or strainer, pour out the solution. Rinse Sterling Silver very well with cold water making sure you remove all of the salt off your Sterling Silver. Place items on a dry towel to dry out. Make sure they are not touching or layered on top of one another. You want them to dry completely. Remove the aluminum foil and throw it away making sure you have all your Sterling Silver pieces. The aluminum will be dirty because the oxides on your Sterling Silver were transferred to the aluminum. Your Sterling Silver now looks like new!

Now that your Sterling Silver is polished and cleaned you need to store it properly. First, your Sterling Silver needs to be stored in a clean, dry place that is rotected from dirt, dust, and moisture. Companies make special “silver keeper” boxes that you can purchase as well to keep your Sterling Silver in. You don’t want to store your Sterling Silver with Gold (yellow, white, or rose). There is an actual chemical reaction that causes the Silver to tarnish and turn black. Also, you don’t want to wear your Sterling Silver while applying any lotions, make-up, moisturizers, or perfumes. Products such as these can contain chemicals that tarnish the Sterling Silver as well. Enjoy keeping your Sterling Silver looking like new!

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